Help Beautify Osmena Boulevard

8 05 2011

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Have you ever walked the Osmena boulevard these days or have memories of walking along the sidewalks of Osmena boulevard?  One may notice or have noticed the beauty that stretches from the capitol building all the way to the Plaza Independecia.

In an effort to revive the old glory and charm of Osmena Boulevard (Fuente Osmena), the mayor of Cebu City Mike Rama has formed a group called Cebu Superbeautification Council to help beautify Osmena Boulevard formerly known as Jones Avenue which stretches from Cebu Plaza Independencia to Cebu Capitol building.  The project is to be financed by funds coming from the private sectors of Cebu and all donations received for this project.  Mayor Mike Rama has appointed a promiment Cebuana philantropist Mariquita Salimbangon-Yeung to head the beautification effort with the support of the governor of Cebu Gwen Garcia.  Last May 5, 2011, the project was formally launched by Mayor Mike Rama, governor Gwen Garcia and Mariquita Salimbangon-Yeung called Beautify Cebu Unity Walk.  They walked the sidewalks of Osmena Boulevard starting from Cebu Plaza Independencia all the way to Cebu Capitol building.

Every Cebuano across the globe is encouraged to help raise funds to revive and beautify Osmena Boulevard for the benefit of all Cebuanos to have a clean, green and beautiful sidewalks of Osmena Boulevard.

The Goal  –  Beautify Osmena Boulevard

  • To make the entire Osmena Boulevard a beautiful, green and pedestrian friendly sidewalk that can be enjoyed by all Cebuanos and anyone who visits the area.
How  – Clean and Improve Osmena Boulevard
  • Clean and improve the sidewalks of Osmena Boulevard by putting bricks and removing any obstacles
  • Removing the sidewalk vendors along the boulevard
  • Putting of Spanish era or Colonial lamp posts along the boulevard
  • Making the boulevard more green by planting shrubs, flowers, plants
  • The facade of buildings owned by private businesses will be beautified by its owners and adding the Spanish/Colonial facade
Where – Osmena Boulevard stretch from Plaza Independencia to Cebu Capitol building
Who  – Headed by Mariquita Salimbangon-Yeung, supported by Mayor Mike Rama and Governor Gwen Garcia
When – Target completion is by Christmas 2011



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